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Container Barge Feeder Services

Through our sole agent Dyna International Shipping Limited in Hong Kong, we have been engaging in container barge feeder services in Hong Kong and Shekou since 1989.

With years of experiences in barge transportation and by integrating the latest information of the market, we have formed a barge fleet equipped with barges of various tonnages, which mainly engage in container barge transportation on three feeder routes: Shekou-Hong Kong-Beihai (Guangxi), Shekou-Hong Kong-Nanhai (Guangdong) and Shekou-Hong Kong-Huangpu (Guangzhou). We provide chartering for container import/export, and transacting procedures concerning the import/export of goods for these customers, such as customs declaration, inspection declaration and maritime applications.

Our barges, with various sizes and featured by swiftness, flexibility and safety, are completely accord with all national technical standards, with certificates and licenses required for transportation of various dangerous goods and with responsible captains and sailors.

We have assigned experienced personnel in the field of loading/unloading coordination and dispatching on-site each port in order to ensure the efficient loading/unloading of goods and the handling of emergency happenings, to safeguard the interests of customers effectively.

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