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Regular Feeder Service operating between Hong Kong & Hunagpu, Shekou, Nanhai, Behai etc ... Long-term partnership with major Carriers & global Agencies enable us to provide comprehensive services with attractive rates. ... Tailor-make services designed for consolidation of multiple LCL shipments into full container loads with expedite delivery & vice versa. ... Provide Customs Declaration Service at various port of China upon requisition ... Act for client in respect of cargo inspection & clearance services ...
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Warehousing facilities would be available for different types of cargo. ... With good working relationship with the highway & railway operators in China, Dyna can offer ¡°one stop shopping¡± to our customers. ... We handle airfreight shipments in the most professional, reliable & expeditious means possible. ... Inland trucking would be provided to meet the different necessity of clients. ... Dyna is approved to set up Grade A inspection venue for D.G. goods & fireworks both in Shanghai & Li Ning by the Shanghai Marine Bureau. Comprehensive services would be prevailing. ...
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